Washington DC Area 80-20 Chapter (8020DCAPAC)

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80-20DCAPAC Board of Directors (3/1/2014)
80-20 DC Chapter Board of Directors (3/1/2014)
The Washington DC Area 80-20 Chapter members are a group of concerned and committed citizens who are taking an active and vocal role in the political process to achieve true equal opportunity and equal right for all Americans, especially Asian Americans.  

DCAPAC Latest News:
  • Chapter elected new president and new board (4/22/2018)
  • 80-20 DCAPAC President joined AACE to meet with the director of  the White House Initiative on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders. We presented evidence that many elite colleges discriminated Asian American students in their admission processes. (3/5/2018
  • 80-20 DCAPAC passed motions to co-sign MD-CAN's letter to eight congressmen and senators to express concerns on FBI director's remarks on ethnic profiling (2/21/2018)
  • 80-20 DCAPAC members welcome the new 80-20 national President Joel Wong to visit Washington DC (1/26/2018)
  • 80-20 DCAPAC Board member Wu Chao announces to be a candidate for Howard County (MD) Board of Education for 2018 (9/9/2017)
  • 80-20 DCAPAC published "Ugly discrimination against Asian American youth" in tow local newspapers (New World Times page 28c and The Washington Chinese Post page A7, 8/25/2017)
  • 80-20 DCAPAC members helped co-sign a letter to the Congress to Appeal for Aviation Legislation Reform in the wake of United Airline incidents of abusing its passengers (7/10/2017
  • 80-20 DCAPAC wrote a letter to support a Chapter member to protect his child from school bullying (6/16/2017)
  • 80-20 DCAPAC members helped organize the "Preview of the Community Leadership Academy" workshop at Rockville Library on June 4 2017
  • 80-20 members helped organize a committee to demand justice for Mr. Jiangshen Chen who was killed by a security guard in his own community (2/22/2017)
  • Sherry Chen thanked DC friends for supporting her in the first year anniversary (2/17/2017)
  • 80-20 President S.B. Woo met with DC Chapter members to discuss the roles of new Chinese immigrants in US politics (12/31/2016
  • 80-20 DCAPAC members participated in the 80-20 National Endorsement Convention for endorsing a Presidential candidate (10/29/2016)
  • Chapter members participated in a protest against violence on Chinese Americans (news 10/12/2016)
  • Chapter co-sponsored and participated in DC area Chinese American debate on 2016 General Election (news 10/08/2016
  • Chapter members attended the United Chinese Americans (UCA) meeting (09/10/2016 UCA
  • Chapter sent a letter to CA Governor requesting him to veto bill AB 1726 that divides Asian Americans into many subcategories  (07/30/2016)
  • Chapter donated $300 to support Herndon Councilwoman Grace Wolf's reelection (6/19/2016
  • Chapter held a 2016 board and member meeting (6/4/2016)
  • Chapter President gave a speech in Government Accountability Office GAO to celebrate AAPI Heritage Month (5/25/2016)
  • Chapter supported AACE to file complaint against Yale, Brown, and Dartmouth on admission discrimination (news 5/23/2016)
  • Chapter elected new president and new board (4/30/2016)
  • Chapter endorsed Chris Van Hollen (MD) for US Senate (3/30/2016) 
  • Chapter members (as individuals) helped organize the 2-20 event near the Washington Monument demanding equal justice for Asian American police officers Peter Liang (2/20/2016) 
  • "Help Sherry Chen, Help Ourselves" event raised $18,000 (80-20 DC Chapter is the major organizer, 02/16/2016)   
  • Chapter sent "Open Letter: Keep our Commitment to Educational Excellence" to Fairfax County School Board and the Board of Supervisors (12/15/2015).
  • Demonstration in front of Supreme Court to support fair college admission (report, 12/09/2015)
  • Support Fairfax County parents group on Fairfax County School Board Election (11/03/2015 Local Election Day)
  • Support White House Petition to end racial profiling Chinese American Scientist (09/18/2015)
  • Fundraising event for 80-20 SELF Fund (10/17/2015)
  • Support Lindy Li for Congress event (6/28/2015) at Panda Center (invitationvideo)
  • Support 64 Asian American organizations to file complaint on discrimination against Asian American students in college admission (5/15/2015) (reportvideoComplaint)
  • Dr. SB Woo gave a keynote speech at USDA on equal opportunity (speechvideo)
  • 80-20 DCAPAC Board member Wu Chao was elected as Columbia Council Representative (Maryland)
  • 2015 All-Hands Meeting
  • 2014 Chapter Summary
  • 2014 VA Congressional District 10 Candidate Endorsement (English 中文新闻)
  • 80-20 Initiative DC Chapter Endorses David Foster for Virginia State Delegate (English) 中文版