Content Standards

Communication Content Standards and Etiquette (Approved by the Board))

The Washington DC Area 80-20 Chapter (8020DCAPAC) promotes communications among its members and friends. The Chapter owns many communication platforms (e.g., Forum/Email Lists/Other Communication Platforms like Websites, WeChat, Facebook, etc.). All the 8020DCAPAC specific communication platforms including mailing lists are the Chapter’s property and shall not be abused or treated as a personal property.

When posting contributions to the 80-20 DC Chapter Forum/Email Lists/Other Communication Platforms, you must comply with the spirit of the following Content Standards

Contributions to the Forum/Email Lists/Other Communication Platforms must:

•    be accurate (where they state facts);

•    be genuinely held (where they state opinions); and

•    comply with applicable law in the US. 

Contributions to the Forum/Email Lists/Other Communication Platforms must not:

•    be defamatory (a defamatory comment is one that may damage the reputation of a person or organization);

•    be threatening, abusive, harassing or invasive of a person's privacy;

•    be discriminatory and/or offensive;

•    promote violence or advocate, condone or assist any unlawful act;

•    describe violent intentions towards other people or organizations;

•    be pornographic, sexually explicit, obscene or lewd;

•    be used to impersonate any person or to misrepresent your identity;

•    infringe any copyright, database right, trade mark or any other intellectual property, confidentiality or privacy rights of any person or organization; or

•    otherwise violate any law. 

In addition, your contribution must not post a link to a website that contains, or directly links to, material that contravenes any of these standards. In particular, you must not post a link to:

•    offensive material (pornographic, discriminatory or gratuitously violent); or

•    unlawful material (such as material that condones or encourages unlawful acts, breaches intellectual property law or encourages others to do so, hacks or causes technical disruption to online services or describes how to conduct an unlawful act).

By submitting your contribution to the Forum/Email Lists/Other Communication Platforms you warrant that such contribution fulfills the above Content Standards.  You also agree to indemnify us against all legal fees, damages and other expenses that may be named by us as a result of your breach of this warranty. Repeated violations of the above content standards may result in disciplinary actions such as receiving warnings from the 80-20 DCAPAC board, being banned from posting, and/or being removed from the Forum/Email Lists/Other Communication Platforms.


Participants should treat each other with respect, recognizing their right to freedom of opinion and expression.