DCAPAC Chapter Candidates

Candidate for Chapter President

Ni, Tao (MD) 
1/4 Kazakhstan native,  grew up in Shanghai, China, studied and worked in Shanghai Jiao Tong University. Live in Maryland, US for more than 25 years.  Joined 80-20 for more than 7 years,  founded Hope Chinese School in 1993,  received Ph.D. in Risk Assessment from the University of Maryland at College Park and now work as a consultant for the Nuclear Safety and also as a publisher for Chinese community newspapers, New World Times and the Washington Chinese Post.

Candidates for Chapter Board Members

Chen, Steve (VA) 
Home town is Shanghai.  Live in the States for more than 20 years. Founder and owner of a biotech company. Enjoy being an average person and live in a simple life.

Dai, Ting (VA) 
This year is a watershed year in my life, the number of years I've lived in the US is equal to that I've lived in China. Many of us have experienced or will face "one higher and one lower" here as SB Woo clearly pointed out, i.e. higher college entry standards for our children and lower ceilings for our careers. I'd like to work with all the members to fight against the "one higher and one lower" and win true equal rights and equal opportunity for us and for our children. I grew up in Jiangsu, studied and worked in Nanjing University. I received my Ph.D in Ecology from the University of Georgia, and now work for the Department of Agriculture. I play table tennis weekly.

Jiang, Paul (VA) 
Born and grew up in Anhui. Have lived in US for 18 years. Ph.D. in systems engineering (Quantitative Risk Analysis) from UVa. Currently an actuary at a federal agency. A believer of self-reliance, friendship, community, volunteering and political participation. Enjoy outdoors, travel, running, hiking, reading, and movies.

Liu, Eugene (VA) 
Born, grew up in Shanghai, China, studied and worked in Shanghai Jiao Tong University and Wayne State University. Live in Virginia, US for many years. Now work as a business/IT consultant.

Li, Wanxia (MD) 
Beijing is forever my hometown.  I came to the Unites State for undergraduate study in 1985.  I got my Bachelor Degree at Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania; and Master Degree at Pennsylvania State University.  I am doing Immunology research at the National Institutes of Health now. Many hobbies such as cooking, dancing, drawing, and swimming and try to be good at them.  I love challenge and hate boringness.

Lee, Alice (VA) 
I came to the US many years ago and I have now lived in the US for a longer time than I lived in China. I have voted in every national election and most local elections since I became a US citizen. I would like to be part of the effort to eliminate racial prejudice against Asian Americans and fight for equality and justice under the law. It was 45 years from Martin Luther King's "I Have a Dream" speech to the first African American becoming President of the United States. With our efforts, I hope it will not take so many years from today before an Asian American is elected as the US President.

Pan, Ran (Ronald) (VA) 
I have been living in US for 21 years and working as a computational scientist and senior IT Lead. Except my professional work,  I have participated many voluntary activities in Chinese communities, such as worked as the president of Chinese Student Friendship Association at Oklahoma State University, Board director of Hope Chinese School and President of Henan Folk Association at Greater Washington DC Metropolitan Area. For Chinese American, racial and ethnic identity will always be a challenging issue, I'd would like to work with all the members to voice out our concerns, fight discrimination for true equal legal and citizenship rights, and win equal work opportunities and equal opportunity to enter colleges for our children. I has a M.S. in Computational Chemistry from Jilin University, China and a Ph.D. in Computational Chemistry from Oklahoma State University.

Sun, Ellen (VA) 
Ellen is the mother of two, Shine and Zack Peng (7th and 5th graders in Hope Chinese School). The Peng family is very grateful for the experience HCS and local Chinese community provide to our family and our children, and as such, Ellen wants to become more involved in supporting the community through the new 80-20 DC Chapter. Ellen is a CPA and PMP with over 15 years of experience in the field of accounting and financial management. She works full time as a Deputy Finance Director with MSH, one of the largest internal health organizations. She manages the entire financial division for a billion dollar program funded by Global Fund, a major financing institution in the fight against diseases like AIDs, Tuberculosis and Malaria over 140 countries. In her free time, she enjoys teaching 7th Grade Chinese in HCS. Truly though, she is glad to have this opportunity to take a more active role in 80-20 DC Chapter to further support its initiative and mission -- uniting our people, best representing ourselves, and fighting for now and futures.

Si, Siyang 
Male in early 40s. Born in Shanghai China. Graduated from UMCP. Working as IT contractor in OPM. Have a wife and 2 kids :)

Shu, Sam (MD) 
1984 graduated from Shanghai University. 1993 graduated from Bowie State University. CPA, current as partner of King Farm Financial Services.

Wang, Acton (Wei) (VA) 
Home town HangZhou and studied in Fudan.  Came in state starting of new century and been in USA for 12 years. IT consultant and  on/off doing some business with friends. Love sports both playing and viewing and enjoy spending time with the family. Faith in GOD.   Together,  we could be a stronger voice and make the future brighter for our kids.

Wu, Jianxue (J.E.) (VA) 
Graduated in 1984 from Zhongshan University Geography major, taught at Zhejiang Normal University Department of Geography for three years and then went to work for City of Foshan in Guangdong Province before moved to the States to receive my master degree in City and Regional Planning in 1991. Worked for City of Altoona as Assistant Director and Acting Director for its Department of Planning and then moved to IT profession in Telecommunication industry since 1997. Currently working for Sprint Corporation IT as senior manager. Also a seasoned real estate investor and property manager since 2007. Devoted christian and love outdoor activities and sports.

Wang, Zhongquan (VA) 
Master's degree in mechanical engineering and master's degree in computer science.  Working in telecom industry. Doing international businesses.

Wang, Allen Jian (VA) 
JiangSu native. College 1979 Climatology major. Live in the States for more than 20 years and an IT professional. Care for Chinese community's well-being.

Wu, Weijia (William) (VA) 
Dr. William Wu is currently the Scientific Director overseeing the operation of 3 technical departments responsible for several hundred assays at Quest Diagnostics Nichols Institute in Chantilly, Virginia. Dr. Wu received his Ph.D. in Clinical Chemistry and Bioanalytical Chemistry from a joint program between Cleveland State University and Cleveland Clinic. He is board certified by American Board of Clinical Chemistry (ABCC) and also a Fellow of the National Academy of Clinical Biochemistry (NACB). He is currently the Chair for two professional organizations, Capital Section of the American Association of Clinical Chemistry (AACC) and the North American Chinese Clinical Chemists Association (NACCCA). 

Xu, Steven Yiyuan (VA) 
Graduated in 1992 from USTC(Univ. of Science and Technology of China) Came to Univ. of Maryland at College Park in 1994 Currently work in IT industry

Xu, Jean (MD) 
When I decided to become a stay-at-home mother ten years ago right before I gave birth to my second child, I did not know my life entered a whole new stage. I did not know I would become so involved in community matters, I did not know I could become so outspoken for the sake of my children, I did not know a person like me who didn’t bother to vote in presidential elections now would make an extra trip to vote for the Board of Education. And I did not know that a non-political person like me would join 80-20 and work toward a bigger goal with other like-minded people, for our children and grandchildren. Graduated from Beijing University in the early 1990’s, I came to the US more than twenty years ago. After receiving a Master degree in Biostatistics and an MBA, I have been working in private companies, college as well as government agency. With the full support of my husband, Yihua Yu (who is also an 80-20 member), now I am an active parent advocate (a fancy title I created for myself to make stay-at-home mom sounds more official and professional). My main interest is to create an equal education opportunity for our children and to encourage parents to be a positive role model so that our children will grow up to become active and visible citizens in the society. 

Ye, Yuebin 
单位及职务:Olympia Management, 项目管理经理, 咨询顾问 (信息技术, 投资理财), 1978-1982 复旦大学物理系学生(学士); 1982-1987 复旦大学物理系教师; 1987 留学美国, 1993 在 Florida Atlantic University 总裁担任社会职务:美国华人专业团体联合会(www.ucapo.org)现任会长. 本人长期参与华盛顿地区华人社区活动, 先后担任过中国旅美科技协会总会(CAST-USA)秘书长, 副会长.

Yan, Samuel (VA) 
Beijing native and grown up in Jilin. college 1979 math major Ph.D. Live in the States for more than 20 years and an IT professional. Taught at Tsinghua university and did research at LANL national lab. Elected student senator in 1990's. Like politics and care for Chinese community's well-being. tried being an entrepreneur with little success. Like to play basketball and never be good at it. Like to argue and challenge authorities but need debate training.

Zhang, Patrick (VA) 
Mr. Patrick Zhang is Senior VP of China Unicom Americas, the affiliate branch of China Unicom Group, a fortune global 500 Company. His experience within the company spans many areas including sales, product and marketing and business operations at increasing levels of responsibility. With over 15 years of extensive experience in the global telecom market, he has gained deep understanding and valuable insights of the industry, his leadership and proven track record rewarded him respects from industry peers. The extended experience and success in both Chinese market and US market has enabled him to design and implement the successful strategy to ensure the growth of productive organizations. He has Prior to his arrival to US, he had successfully managed the global voice wholesale team for more than $200M/year in the headquarters of China Netcom in Beijing. Mr. Patrick Zhang received his MBA from MIT Sloan School and Tsinghua University. He received his operations, marketing, product and leadership skills from his front line positions growing brands and businesses. He is also an active member of the China General Chamber of Commerce – USA. He currently lives in Northern Virginia.

Zhu, Sherry (VA) 
I grew up in Sichuan, studied in Shanghai Jiao Tong University and worked for one Shanghai government agency in Shanghai.  I also studied in local George Mason University and am currently working for a IT contracting company.   My experience with US politics started as a room Mom for my old son about 10 years ago.  Then later I involved with many local issues such as school rezoning, FCPS GT center policies and with school board member elections and other officers' elections.  I admit that Politics is more complicated than what I originally wished.   I admit that we as Asian faces many challenged issues and with many challenged polices.  Some federal regulations or polices are favor Asians at one aspect but not as another aspect.   I would like to contribute my time to 80-20 to advocate Asian people involvement in many local and federal issues. 

Zhang, Kevin (MD) 
I'm currently a consultant in public health and health Informatics, had  my phd  in public policy. 

Zhang, Karl (VA) 
Grew up in Sichuan and Shandong Provinces in China. Received BA and MA from Fudan University in Shanghai, worked at the Institute of Literature  in the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences in Beijing for 4 years.  Living and studying in Germany for three years before coming to U.S. to pursue advanced studies and eventually earn a joint PhD in Humanities and German Studies from Stanford University. Having lived in U.S. for almost 25 years, I now work as a tenured professor of Chinese language and literature in the Department of Modern and Classical Languages, with research interest in Eastern and Western cultural relations. Community services include membership of the Board of Directors of the Hope Chinese School, Advisory Board of the Chinese Language Teachers Association of Virginia, and President of the Chinese Language Teachers Association of the National Capital Region. I'll fight for the equal rights and opportunities for our children.