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posted Feb 18, 2010, 10:00 AM by Ting Dai
 Thursday, February 18, 2010
To:  Colorado Republican Leaders
From:  Dick Wadhams, State Chairman
Subject:  As President Obama wings his way to Denver to prop up Colorado's accidental senator, Michael Bennet, two very interesting articles appeared in today's Denver Post.
The editorial "BENNET DOESN'T GET THE MESSAGE" takes him to task for pandering to the Democratic Party's left wing on the failed health care reform bill.  Bennet has called for ramming Obama-Care through the Senate by use of the "reconciliation" process which requires only 51 votes as opposed to the traditional 60. 
Following several national reports over the past several months regarding the West's rejection of the Obama-Democratic agenda, the Denver Post writes in "WEST GETS ROCKY FOR DEMS" that things have changed a great deal since those heady days at Invesco Field in August of 2008.
We are hopeful that President Obama can work his same magic today for Michael Bennet and tomorrow for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid in Nevada that he did for Democratic candidates for Virginia governor, New Jersey governor, and Massachusetts senator when he personally campaigned in those states:  Big losses.
Finally, Democratic supporters of Bennet's primary challenger, former House Speaker Andrew Romanoff, are incensed that President Obama is coming to Colorado as reported by KCNC-TV Channel 4, "ROMANOFF SUPPORTERS MAD OBAMA IS COMING TO DENVER."
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