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posted Jan 12, 2010, 1:51 PM by Ting Dai
DENVER – Colorado Republicans charged today that there is no discernible difference between the failed policies of Governor Bill Ritter and those of Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper.
"The face may change but the failed policies remain the same if Denver Mayor John 'Hickenritter' runs for governor," said Colorado Republican State Chairman Dick Wadhams.  "Hickenlooper is nothing more than a quirky version of Governor Bill Ritter."
Wadhams said Hickenlooper supports and would maintain Ritter's failed policies including:
--The Ritter property tax increase that was imposed without a vote of the people as required under Colorado's TABOR law.
--The Ritter vehicle fee tax increase that was also imposed without a vote of the people.
--The Ritter executive order handing over state government to union bosses signed on a dark, late Friday afternoon in November 2007 without public notice.
--The Ritter program to put violent criminals back on the streets by releasing them early from their sentences.
--The Ritter repeal of state spending limits.
"Mayor 'Hickenritter' offers nothing different from the failed policies of the last three years that drove Bill Ritter from running for reelection," Wadhams said. 
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